Why Cru?

Cru knows you. Cru knows missions.
This summer, thousands of students will go around the world on a Summer Mission with Cru. They will see God move with their own eyes – and through their own lives.

As the largest missionary organization in the world, Cru knows how to prepare you, and send you to be effective. Cru’s full-time staff missionaries don’t just lead the trip, but also focus on pouring into you as you pour into others – guiding you, training and encouraging you. Our expertise with college students merge with our global ministry partnerships to form a summer that is significant to both you and the local ministries.

What is a summer mission?

Well, think of the best week of your life and multiply that by 10! You will spend about 10 weeks at a beach/resort location-or possibly an inner-city or international site--with students from all over the States, getting to know each other, getting to know God, and learning how to be an effective witness for the gospel. It is truly an opportunity you don't want to miss! You'll build relationships, minister to those around you, and gain a deeper heart for your walk with God. For more information about summer missions, click on this link: Summer Missions

Can I get a job on this summer mission?

Yes! Not only that, your job will actually be your main ministry "assignment" for the summer, where you'll learn to connect with folks at your job in order to be a beacon of God's love for them. 

Typical summer misson jobs include working a carnival game, a carnival ride, a t-shirt shop, life guarding at a water park, cleaning hotel rooms, etc. It promises to be a wacky experience! You won't earn loads of money, but you will come away with some income for your next school year and a great supply of cool memories.

How do I get to mission?

You can drive to Wildwood; but, if you don't have a car, don't fret. You can hook up with other students going and ride with them. We'll let you know how to contact fellow participants after you receive a decision on your acceptance to the mission. Or you can easily fly. 

Where will I live on summer mission?

Wildwood has a huge house that accommodates all of the students. You'll probably have several roommates who will hopefully get to know the REAL you! Your Cru staff at will live either nearby. Living quarters may be a bit tight, and closet space will be limited, but it all adds to the adventure of bonding with your buds!

How do I pay for the summer?

Once a student goes through the application process and receives acceptance, we'll send you thorough information on financial support raising. You'll be able to invite others-family, friends, fellow church members, etc.-to invest in your summer with prayer and finances. We'll guide you with instructions. It is always encouraging to see God bring in the financial support that we need for our summer mission staff and students!

The cost - $3000 per person, plus transportation costs to and from Wildwood - will pay for housing, a portion of your food costs, materials (Bible study materials, notebooks, etc.), and some activities, such as socials or retreats.

What is a Summer Mission Student Staff position?

This role allows a student with significant Cru and ministry experience to take on a staff-type leadership position on the mission. You'll work with the staff team to disciple students, plan and coordinate mission activities, and lead a Bible study. You'll need to be confident in sharing your faith, because you'll train others in doing this. This position will be your full time summer job if you take on this role.

What is the application cost of summer mission?

The summer mission application fee is $25.

When is the application deadline?

We will continue to accept applications as long as there are available spots.